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CPH Services



CPH Services offers a professional carpet steam cleaning service on the Gold Coast. Our carpet cleaning prices are affordable without jeopardising professionalism. At CPH Services we only use eco-friendly products which are safe around young children and pets. CPH Services use a method of hot water extraction to clean carpets as this gets right to the base of the fibres, extracting and removing ‘hidden’ allergens, mites, bacteria and grime to leave your carpet clean and fresh.
CPH Services offers pest control technicians local to you. Our technicians understand the fundamental principles of pest ecology and the methods of pest management. CPH Services
adopts treatments that target the specific species in your premises and we only use Australian Standards approved environmentally safe products. CPH Services Gold Coast pest control prices are specifically designed to bring affordability to Gold Coast residents who understand the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment both at home and the workplace.

CPH Services
Contact Name: Phil Services

PO Box 340
West Burleigh , Queensland


04 0703 4007

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