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Employee scheduling software - Findmyshift



Findmyshift is a simple, straightforward and user-friendly website for creating, managing and sharing staff rotas online. Findmyshift's rotas are password protected and can be accessed by both you and your staff any time, day or night, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Changes made to your staff rota are tracked and updates are sent to your staff by e-mail, text message or push notification. Staff can access Findmyshift with their own log in and password to check their up-coming shifts, request changes and also apply for time off.

Simple online staff rotas to give you and your staff a feeling of confidence. With our rota's you can text your staff when shifts change unexpectedley.
Staff can log in from home to check their next shift, request leave, even contact their manager.

Findmyshift Typical Customers
Small business, Medium business, Large business

Cost: Free for small team of 5 employees or less


Out Crowd Ltd 4th Floor, 86-90 Paul Street
London , United Kingdom (general)

United Kingdom


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